On Friday 27/07/1990 Kenza Morsli has been born bringing with her a big talent which was encouraged by her lovely family especially her mother who has been the most important factor in improving her abilities and talents leading her to reach the arabic audiences. her art experience which is increasing because of her big followers who loved her and encouraged her more in "Star Academy 10" remembering the old singing art. This experience is considered the most valuable one where she gained most fans all over the world, in addition to the encouragement she got from most important arab singers .
Kenza Morsli released her first video clip is duet'' the Story Of Love '' in 15th may 2015 which appeared on many arabic televisions. After this successful experience where praise from many musicians because of her outstanding talent. she released her first single "Shabah El Hanin" in 31 december 2015 which was a big step to successful future because of the creativity that characterized the work this make it the hit of the year.
-Kenza Morsli is the best Arab voice in Amazing Voice Arab competition organized by buzz-land site in 2015.
-Kenza Morsli was in second place in shorty awards for singer in 2015
-Kenza Morsli won best young artist prize organized by Asrar magazine in 2014.
-Kenza Morsli won best rising star in best of the year competition organized by Rouge magazine in 2014
-Kenza Morsli won first place in Personal art contest of 2014 organized by Al Mouttaham program on LBC television
-Kenza Morsli won Best young singer according Competition for the best artwork in 2015 organized by Arabwood program on Rotana television
-Kenza Morsli won first place on superstar of tomorrow competition organized by lebanon awards site
-Kenza Morsli won first place on trending arabic artist list for 2015 according to Arab nights site.
-Kenza Morsli was honored in the Miss Arabs Contest as part of Tourism Arab Festival IX in Egypt
-Kenza Morsli was awarded excellence prize in the Arab Film Festival as part of Constantine the capital of Arab culture in Algeria